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Please note these are a rough estimate.

The coat type and condition of your pet may vary the prices.

All Grooming prices (except wash or extras) include coat assessment, warm bath, professional shampoo and conditioning treatment and blow dry. Face, feet, tail, nails and sanitary areas trimmed.

Ask us about a discount during your pet’s stay at Fur Kidz Pet Resort.

 Small Dogs  max 30cm at withers max 8 kilos

Medium Dogs  30-45cm at withers 8-18 kilos

Large Dogs  45-60cm at withers 18-30 kilos 

PUPPIES Must be desensitised to the grooming process before booking. Unfortunately I do not have the available appointments needed to train a puppy for grooming.

Due to shoulder issues I no longer do dogs over 15 Kilos (with the exception of the Kerry Blue, Irish Terrier) or extremely difficult dogs



Coat assessment, warm bath, professional shampoo and conditioning treatment. Towel dry.

Blow drying is additional and dependent on breed and coat condition.

Double coated breeds are not eligible for this service as they require a different grooming system and must book under “Double Coat/Combination” service

Small $35 with Blow-dry $50+

Medium $45 with Blow-dry $65+

Large $55 With Blow-dry $85+


For the double or combination breeds. This is essentially a de-shed with lines trimmed tidy

Small  $85 First hour $70ph after

Medium $95 First hour $80ph after

Large $105 First hour $90ph after


For that in between groom freshen up. Face, feet, tail, nails and sanitary areas trimmed. Lines reset.

Small $80

Medium $95

Large $125

POODLES  extra $15+ for face and feet

EASY MAINTENANCE (short back and sides)

This is a short all over clip including head, ears and muzzle but not tail. This is for those who want a no nonsense, no fuss, easy to maintain trim or want to stretch that penny a bit further. Blade choice 5f or 4f (no variations)

Small $90

Medium $100

Large $135


This is the most popular of the services, a short pet clip up to a 10mm attachment comb or 4F blade on the body. This trim has a bit more character to the ‘easy maintenance” with a styled head and longer ears (if prefered)

Small $100

Medium $115

Large $145


The styled clip is for coats 13mm attachment comb and over. This is suited to the more regular client (4-6 weekly) or those who maintain and brush their dog in-between grooms. A style is designed with your pets structure and lifestyle in mind. With more scissoring to give you a well balanced and angulated look and flare with bevelled feet and cute kissable face

Small $115

Medium $130

Large  $160    

BREED CLIPS (Schnauzer, Westie, Poodle, Bichon, Irish Terrier, etc)

A breed specific clip. When you want your pure breed to look how they should but you dont want the show ring commitment of weekly hand stripping or scissoring costs associated.

Small $115 

Medium $130

Large $160


Dont want the furnishings, skirt, fluffy body etc of your pure breed clip but still want their head style then this is for you. Its also a popular one  for my breed clips. Short body 7F, 5F, 4F

Small $105

Medium $120

Large $150


This is for the show ring breed standard. Breeds like the Bichon, Poodles, Kerry Blue etc                          Prices are based on $105 PH and will vary due coat condition and time needed

Small $160+

Medium $210+

Large $315+


 Hand stripping is a skilled technique where the coat is manually pulled from the dog by hand and to breed standard. This is only done on a specific coat types. We do this, not only imitate the natural coat they would lose when they would be working running through brushes or down burrows etc but also to keep the integrity of the coat and skin in good condtion and to breed standard

$110 per hour                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Poodle Feet $15

Poodle Face $10

Face Trim $10 (fringe and stop cleared from eyes)

Nails $10

Handling Fee $25 (for the difficult dogs which are high risk)


Missed appointments and cancellations made less than 24 hours incur a $50 fee per hour of booking for loss of earnings. If you are more that 10 minutes late your booking will be classed as a missed appointment and cancelled and the fee will apply. I feel it is unfair the next client must wait. I also try to have no other dogs in the salon while another is being groomed to keep it quiet and relaxed. I do have dogs with special requirements.